The MapCanvas is the center of Orbit to view and interact with all your resources.

Top Toolbar
Map 2D Default workspace view for all GIS operations like viewing, selecting and editing of datasets.
Map 2D Menus The Map 2D menus Navigation, Selection (select, find and query objects) and Edit.
Map 3D Orbit's 3D Map view available for mobile mapping and UAS solutions.
Layout Print layout view. Must only be used to prepare and to make your map Print.
Backdrop Toggles the background color from white to black, useful to detect white colored vector objects. 1)
Central Part
Compass Rose Provides all features to navigate the MapCanvas in a single useful widget
Context Menu Right-click on the map to open the context menu and to navigate or export the MapCanvas view
Bottom Part
Status Bar Displays the activated function, the CRS of the MapCanvas, the scale and the coordinates of the cursor position in the current CRS

Map 2D Functions

The activated function is indicated by the appearance of the cursor above the map and in the left lower corner of the Map status bar. Review icons in footnote2).

Map Functions
Pan Functions Move the MapCanvas to optimize the view of the MapCanvas
Zoom Functions Zoom in or zoom out the MapCanvas
Rotate Functions Rotate the orientation of the MapCanvas, zoom level and center of the MapCanvas will not be modified
Select Functions Activate the select function and select objects from datasets
Measure Functions Measure lines, circles, perpendicular distances and angles
Search Function Search for objects and open the find objects tool
1) Map with different backdrops :
2) Pan , Select , Zoom In , Zoom Out , Zoom Smart , Rotate , Edit / Measure
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