The Orbit Touch

Innovation & Emerging Technologies

Both industry-driven and technology-driven innovations grasp our continuous focus of attention to stay ahead. Therefore, Orbit stands for continued innovation with the maturity to embrace emerging technologies and withstand hypes.

Integration & Operational Effectiveness

To obtain the desired results, integration of GIS in your workflow, organization and business processes is of higher importance than the used technology. Orbit strongly believes that GIS is not an island, but a core part of your business, just as your data does not belong in separate silos but in a comprehensive corporate solution.

User Friendly

High-end and complex software solutions restrain your organization from letting the majority of users efficiently use your corporate resources. Orbit stands for user friendly, low threshold and context-aware solutions, empowering geospatial knowledge throughout your organization. Smart and integrated solutions bring geospatial data to every desktop, website or mobile device, just as normal as a spreadsheet or text editor.

Decision Support & Corporate Governance

There’s no sense in using GIS if it does not support the wellbeing of your organization. GeoSpatial knowledge needs to finalize in decision support deliverables. Just as a CRM or ERP tool, GIS needs to rollout throughout the organization. Orbit believes in a collaboration model supported by SaaS and Server-based processes, a corporate SDI using OGC and INSPIRE standards, to enable instant feedback to decision makers on all levels of your organization while simplifying the processes for all co-workers.

Consultancy & Dedicated Services

We help you do the job. We understand that no software, however genius, however market dominant, however free or open, solves your problem. It requires the whole package: technical solutions, integration roadmap, consultancy, training, support. We understand your challenges. We deliver the solutions.


Hot News

Orbit GT will be launching new UAS Mapping software at the upcoming SPAR event in Houston, USA.

Orbit GT will be showing new automated and semi-automated Mobile Mapping Feature Extraction tools at the upcoming...

Orbit GT launches the Mobile Mapping Feature Extraction Bundle at the upcoming SPAR event in Houston, USA.

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